Procedures for Approvals to Teach College of Business Administration Courses

  1. Approval for any specific course, regardless of prior approval to teach College of Business Administration courses, will require the following:
  1. a full set of current credentials, particularly evidence of the person's ability to teach a course or courses intended,
  2. recent student evaluations,
  3. current academic and professional qualifications in the field, and
  4. recent letters of reference related to one's ability to teach the course(s). 

Please see attached for a detailed list of qualifications for each department.

The Teaching Request/Assignment form must be attached to all applications.

  1. The Department will evaluate the request and have their decision within two weeks of receiving a complete application file.
  1. Upon approval for any specific course, the college will enter the instructor name, course, campus, and semester in our database.
  1. The instructor's campus will send to the Undergraduate Programs Office of the College of Business Administration, a copy of the syllabus (no later than two weeks prior to the start of classes) and student evaluations (as soon as possible after the completion of the semester.)
  1. If, upon evaluation of the materials in 4 above, potential problems are identified, the Department will work with the faculty member to aid in their development.
  1. If we do not have a satisfactory assessment of performance from items from 4, we will request Assistant Dean Sinclair-Colando to ensure that this instructor is not teaching this course again at any campus.