Review of NTT and PT Faculty

            Full-time NTT faculty may be appointed annually for an academic year. The Collective Bargaining Agreement indicates that renewals of such appointments may occur, subject to programmatic need, satisfactory performance of previous responsibilities, and budgeted resources.  According to the CBA, section IX.4, the NTT faculty member is subject to a full performance review following three consecutive academic year appointments (during the third year of appointment and before a fourth year can be anticipated or authorized). This performance review occurs in the Spring semester, and follows the procedures established by the University for reappointment reviews of tenure-track Faculty in the first probationary year, with criteria established by the Department.


            Part-time faculty may be appointed at the Kent and regional campuses following a review of materials by the Department Chair. The guidelines for this process are included in Appendix D.  If duties are performed satisfactorily during the initial semester, continuing appointments may be made. Following three years of continuing appointments, the faculty member should receive a full performance review. The guidelines for this review are included in Appendix I.


            Full-time NTT faculty will be reviewed in accordance with their CBA, once every three years. The process is specified by the University in the annual Procedures and Policies Governing Review of Faculty.


            Part-time faculty members teaching College of Business Administration courses will be reviewed at least every three years by each Department whose courses they teach. This review is intended to assess (1) whether teaching performance is acceptable and (2) whether the faculty member has stayed active in his/her field, either professionally or academically. Relevant materials will be collected for this purpose, and the Department FAC may be asked to make a recommendation to the Chairperson. The Chairperson will write a letter of evaluation and assessment to the part-time faculty member.



Materials needed for the review include the following items, which may be collected in a notebook. Sources are indicated in parentheses.


1.         Teaching Effectiveness


  1. Statement of teaching philosophy (OPTIONAL – FACULTY)
  2. Courses taught during the 3-year period, with campuses and dates (FACULTY)
  3. Representative course syllabi (FACULTY)
  4. Representative course examinations and other materials (FACULTY)
  5. Grade distributions (DEPT. OR REGIONAL CAMPUS)
  6. Student evaluations, including comments (DEPT. OR REGIONAL CAMPUS)
  7. Peer evaluation of teaching (OPTIONAL – DEPT.)


2.         Scholarship and/or professional activity


  1. Updated c.v. or resume (FACULTY)
  2. Copies of any publications during the three-year period (FACULTY)
  3. Evidence of recent professional activities, training, and work experience (FACULTY)
  1. Work experience / consulting related to teaching area
  2. Professional development/training related to teaching area

Membership/leadership in related professional organizations