Sample Confirmation Letter

«Title» «FirstName» «LastName»




«City», «State»  «PostalCode»


Dear «Title» «LastName»:


We are looking forward to meeting you at the AMA Summer Educators’ Conference in Washington, D.C. Your interview is scheduled for «IntTime». Please allow about 45 minutes for the interview, as we would like to have time to discuss your research, teaching interests, and potential match with Kent State. In case it will help you to prepare, I am enclosing some materials about our university. 


All interviews will take place in my room at the Washington Hilton, so you will need to get the room number, either by calling the hotel desk, calling my room, or finding me at one of the receptions. If you have any questions prior to the conference, please call or email at the locations given below. Thank you for your interest in Kent State University.


                                                            Yours sincerely,