Tenure-Track Faculty Recruiting

            Central to the accomplishment of the Department's mission is the recruitment and selection of new Faculty who have the potential or proven ability to create quality research and to share marketing knowledge and skills effectively with others. It is explicitly recognized that demographic diversity in the Faculty is a desirable goal for the Department because such diversity brings a variety of perspectives to research as well as teaching.

            To these ends, procedures are set forth to help assure that the pool of applicants for Faculty positions includes individuals who:

  • have received their doctoral training from research oriented universities and/or who have demonstrated the ability to produce high quality research published in appropriate refereed journals,
  • have the ability to effectively share knowledge with others,
  • are demographically diverse, and
  • are motivated to make a significant contribution to the Department's mission.

            Full-time tenure-track Faculty positions are advertised nationally (sample advertisement follows). Appropriate advertising vehicles include, but are not limited to, the American Marketing Association's Academic Placement Service, Marketing News, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Targeted vehicles to reach underrepresented candidates and online listing services should also be considered. Advertising may be placed through Human Resources, in connection with filing of the Position Requisition Announcement (PRA) for the anticipated hire. It is also appropriate to contact Department Chairs and Ph.D. Program Coordinators at doctoral-degree-granting institutions (sample letter follows).

            Each vita that is received is filed, along with reference letters and other supporting materials. A letter of receipt (samples follow) is returned to the sender (applicant or dissertation chair), and an Applicant Group Identity Data Form (available from the Office of Affirmative Action) is sent to the applicant for completion. 

            The FAC, under the guidance of the Chairperson, serves as the Departmental search committee. They review, evaluate, and rank order the applicants – a sample form can be found in Section 5 (Preliminary Evaluation Criteria for Faculty Candidates). The search committee presents their recommendation to the Department Faculty for consideration and comment. After this initial screening, letters of rejection are sent to those applicants who do not have an adequate match with the Department's needs (sample letter follows). Those candidates who appear to meet the Department's needs are then contacted by phone (at the discretion of the search committee, additional contacts may be made to establish more information about the candidate).  If recruiting interviews are to occur at the American Marketing Association Summer Educators’ Conference, an interview is arranged for that meeting. Otherwise, the applicant will be contacted to arrange for a campus visit.

            Typically, the Chairperson is responsible for arranging the AMA interviews, and may find it helpful to create an interview schedule (sample in Section 5). Each scheduled candidate should be sent a confirmation letter (sample in Section 5) and a packet of information about Kent State University.

            Those members of the Department attending the conference for interviewing purposes should be provided with vita information on each candidate and a sufficient number of Candidate Evaluation Forms (sample in Section 5). These forms are to be completed by each Faculty member interviewing each candidate and used, in conjunction with meetings at the end of each interviewing day, to rank the candidates at the conference. This ranking should be daily at the conference to avoid confusion. The rank order of candidates created at the conference should be presented to the full Faculty for discussion. A final list of candidates to be called for campus interviews should then be created and the Chairperson should arrange for the campus interviews. In consultation with the Faculty and Dean's Office, an agenda (sample follows) should be prepared for each candidate and distributed in advance. It may be helpful to include a copy of the vita with each person's copy of the agenda.

            Each Faculty member who participates in the campus interview should complete a form providing a summary evaluation of each candidate (sample form follows). The Chairperson should receive and summarize these evaluation forms. After all candidates have visited, the Faculty and Chairperson should meet to discuss the candidates, making use of the evaluation forms, to decide which candidates, if any, should be eliminated from further consideration, and to rank order the remaining candidates. Job offers should then be made to the remaining candidates in accord with their rank order. In times when the job market is particularly active, the Faculty should consider placing a deadline on acceptance of the offer, perhaps two weeks after the offer is made, so that other candidates may be considered. All offer letters must be approved by the Dean's Office and by the Associate Provost for Academic and Student Affairs.