Academic Credentials and University Experience

  1. A candidate for tenure must have the doctoral degree in political science or cognate field.
  2. A candidate for tenure will normally be reviewed during the sixth year of service, although years of credit toward tenure may be granted at the time of the initial appointment and specifically stated in the letter of appointment.  A faculty member may apply for early tenure consideration, but the faculty member should be able to meet the criteria for promotion to the next rank.
  3. Presentation of Supporting Materials

    Academic Credentials and University Experience

    (a) Candidates for tenure are responsible for presenting the necessary documents for consideration by the Ad Hoc Tenure Committee.

    (b) Specific guidelines for the tenure file are provided at the end of this tenure section of the Department Handbook.

    (c) Materials reviewed for tenure for persons hired at the instructor or TT assistant professor rank shall consist primarily of those items generated since the initial hiring.  The vitae submitted in applying for the position should be used as a baseline, with materials already published or listed as forthcoming being given less weight than those produced after the submitted vitae.  Exceptions will be made when incoming faculty are explicitly given credit toward tenure for prior experience.

  4. Regional Campus Application

    (a) These criteria for tenure apply to Political Science Department faculty at both the Kent campus and the regional campuses.  The Department’s Ad Hoc Tenure Committee makes recommendations for all members of the Department, regional campuses as well as the Kent campus.

    (b) Application of the same set of criteria does not imply, however, that the criteria must be given the same weights for the two situations.  In particular, it may be expected that in evaluating regional campus faculty for tenure, greater weight may be accorded to teaching and university citizenship.