Department Committees

All Department committees are advisory and recommendatory to the Chair.  The membership, structure, and function of the Department’s committees are governed by the University Policy Register and the Collective Bargaining Agreement, where applicable.  The Chair may establish other departmental standing and ad hoc committees in consultation with the FAC.  The Chair will solicit requests from faculty members for positions on the Department’s various committees.  The Chair, when making appointments to Department committees, will be mindful of the diversity of disciplines within the Department and will consider the expertise and interests necessary for the effective functioning of specific committees. The chair’s recommendations shall be submitted to the Faculty Meeting for approval.

The committees have the obligation to make Faculty Meetings (ARTICLE III.D) vital and the center of Departmental policy making. The committee shall initiate and guide policy to maintain a broad consultation with the entire faculty through the timely provision of minutes and reports and through engagement of the faculty in discussion and decision on written reports within the Faculty Meeting.

Department committees should publish a notice of major policy initiatives, policy changes, and new rules that are under consideration by any given department committee. A department committee should allow for a comment period of at least one week whereby faculty may submit questions and comments to the committee about published proposals. Department committees should consider the feedback submitted by faculty during the notice and comment period during committee deliberations regarding new proposals and before voting on sending new proposals to the full faculty.

Committees shall hold regular meetings, scheduled and notified by the committee’s Chair or upon request of a majority of the committee’s members at the beginning of each semester and as the need arises throughout the academic year.

A simple majority of the members of a committee constitutes a quorum. Committee meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.  A committee may recommend to place a matter on the agenda of the Faculty Meeting or FAC.

Committee meetings are open to Department faculty unless a closed meeting for an entire session or for a specific item of business is requested by consensus or a simple majority of the members present and voting.  The reason for the closed meeting must be stated in the resolution ordering closure.  

Because of the size and complexity of the Department, the Department does not maintain a separate Curriculum Committee, but the functions of the Curriculum Committee are divided between the three degree-granting programmatic committees:  the GSC, the USC, and the MPA Committee.