The Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) | Political Science Handbook | Kent State University

The Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

The FAC shall be concerned with all aspects of the operation of the Department consistent with the CBA and University policies and may make recommendations on any matter not assigned to another committee by this Handbook, but its primary responsibility shall be faculty governance and the strategic planning and development of departmental policy in cooperation with the Chair.  Like other committees, the FAC has the obligation to contribute to the vitality of Faculty Meetings by referring to it important matters for discussion, including curriculum development, the recruitment and hiring of faculty, and proposals for policy change or new directions of substantial impact on the Department as a whole.


The meetings of the FAC are chaired by the Department Chair.  The FAC is structured and operates as described in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The FAC is elected directly by the full-time Faculty of the Department as defined in subhead III.A Definition of the Faculty above.  FAC terms are for fifteen (15) months.  Elections are conducted in the Spring Semester, and the new FAC members assume office at the beginning of the Summer, when feasible.  Out-going members of FAC continue their terms through the Summer, when feasible.  No person shall serve more than two successive years.  The FAC shall consist of four Kent Campus TT faculty members.  It shall also include one Regional Campus TT faculty member, when feasible. When the department includes five (5) or more full-time non-tenure track (FTNTT) faculty on the Kent Campus, one (1) representative of the Kent Campus FTNTT faculty will be elected to the FAC by the Kent Campus FTNTT faculty of the department. An undergraduate and graduate student representative may participate in the meetings of the FAC without the right to vote.


The FAC is convened and chaired at least once per term by the Chair who, in consultation with the FAC, sets the agenda for its meetings.  Faculty members may request that items be added to the agenda.  Additional meetings of the FAC may be called by the Chair, as needed, or upon a request by at least one-half of the members of the FAC.  The FAC elects one (1) member to act as the Department representative to the College Advisory Committee (hereinafter “CAC”).


The agenda and any resolutions for a meeting of the FAC shall be distributed beforehand to faculty members and, aside from personnel matters, student representatives.  No recommendation will be made on any matter which is not on the announced agenda or on any resolution not circulated beforehand unless the FAC, by consensus or by a simple majority of the members present and voting, recommends the suspension of this rule for the particular meeting.