The Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC)

The Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) is elected directly by the full-time Faculty of the Department as defined in subhead III.A Definition of the Faculty above.  Elections are conducted in the Spring Semester, and the membership is confirmed at the first fall Faculty Meeting.  No person shall serve more than one term during any three-year period.  During its first meeting, FEC shall elect one of its members to serve as Chair.


FEC rules and processes for assessing faculty performance shall be spelled out and promulgated among the faculty.


The FEC responsibilities include (see ARTICLE X for procedural details):


                     a.      Recommending to the FAC and the Chair ranking of faculty for merit increments based on university policy and the criteria approved at the Faculty Meeting;


                     b.      Recommending to the Faculty Meeting the policies and guidelines which, upon approval, become the basis of awarding merit in the following year.


Changes to the FEC criteria are considered changes to the Faculty Handbook and therefore must follow the procedures for changing the Faculty Handbook.