Faculty Ranks | Political Science Handbook | Kent State University

Faculty Ranks

The basic definitions of faculty ranks are the following:


1.      Instructor


This rank is intended for persons initially hired with a master’s degree.  Normally, the Department does not hire at the rank of Instructor except for full-time non-tenure track (NTT) faculty positions.


2.      TT Assistant Professor


This rank is normally the entry level rank for tenure-track faculty holding the doctorate in an appropriate discipline. 


3.      TT Associate Professor


Hire to or promotion to this rank presumes prior service as an Assistant Professor, significant academic achievements, and possession of the doctorate in an appropriate discipline (See, ARTICLE VII of this Handbook). 


4.      TT Professor


Promotion to this rank requires credentials and significant academic achievements beyond those required for promotion to Associate Professor.  (See, ARTICLE VII of this Handbook). 


5.      Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTT) Appointments


Full-time non-tenure track faculty (NTT) appointments are made on an annual basis (See, ARTICLE VIII of this Handbook). An NTT who has successfully completed three (3) consecutive years of employment and one (1) Full Performance Review becomes eligible for appointment to a three-year term of annually renewable appointments which are conditional from year to year only upon continued satisfaction with demonstrated performance, continued programmatic and staffing need within the academic unit, and continued budgetary resources supporting the position. (See NTT CBA)  NTT appointments are not included under the umbrella of the University policy and procedures regarding faculty tenure (See, relevant section of University Policy Register) and NTT faculty members are not entitled to any rights with regard to tenure.


6.      Part-Time Faculty Appointments


When the Department cannot meet its teaching needs from the ranks of its full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty, full-time non-tenure track (NTT) faculty and graduate students, part-time faculty appointments will be made from an established pool of qualified applicants not currently on regular appointment at the University.         


7.      Graduate Faculty Status


As a doctoral degree granting department, the Department normally requires that all faculty hired for tenure-track positions be eligible for appointment to the graduate faculty.  The Administrative policy regarding graduate faculty is included in the University Policy Register.  (See, relevant section of University Policy Register.)  The status of Graduate faculty members shall be assigned by the F4 Committee (see ARTICLE III of this Handbook).