Handbook Modification, Amendment and Revision

The implementation, modification, amendment, and revision of this Handbook are governed by the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement


Amendments to this Handbook can be proposed to the Faculty Meeting only by the Chair or by FAC.  Committees or individual faculty members may propose amendments to the Chair or FAC.  All amendments must be approved by a majority of the full-time faculty.  They enter into effect upon approval by the Dean of the College, subject to the provisions in the relevant section of the CBA.  Amendments shall be circulated electronically to the full-time faculty no later than one calendar week before the Faculty Meeting at which they will first be discussed.  Amendments will be considered priority items at that meeting and should be addressed in a timely manner.


The Handbook shall be reviewed every five years by an Ad Hoc Handbook Review Committee chosen by FAC.


This Handbook shall enter into effect after its final approval by the Dean, subject to relevant provisions in the CBA.