The Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Committee

The Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Committee shall consist of at least four members of the Faculty.  The Department Chair solicits self-nominations in the Spring semester for terms beginning the Fall.  The Chair may also nominate members, keeping in mind issues including, but not limited to, representativeness and equity.  Faculty membership is confirmed at the first Fall Faculty Meeting. 


The committee shall be concerned with administration of the M.P.A. program, including the recruitment, admission, and separation of graduate students; financial aid; graduate curriculum; graduate program procedures and policies; and such other duties as may be assigned to it by Department Chair. Accreditation and professional liaison will also be a primary responsibility of the committee, under the direction of the coordinator.


Responsibilities of the MPA Coordinator are described in ARTICLE III.B.5 of the Faculty Handbook.


Recommendations on significant matters of curriculum and policy are to be forwarded from the MPA Committee to FAC or the Faculty Meeting.