Merit Awards

Merit Awards are established pursuant to the applicable tenure-track Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  


In ranking the faculty, the FEC follows the recommendations of the faculty under the guidance and practice of the previous FEC.  FEC will make a preliminary determination of the points to be awarded each faculty member.  This shall be completed no later than one month after the Faculty Information Forms are due. All faculty members will be informed about these point allocations and will have the opportunity to appeal the FEC point allocations either in writing or in person.  When this appeals process is completed, FEC will forward its final point allocations to FAC.  FAC will review the materials provided by FEC and make a determination as to the merit increases to be awarded each faculty member. These recommendations will then be provided to the Chair who will make a preliminary determination of merit awards and will notify all faculty members of the preliminary determination.  A faculty member will have the right to appeal the Chair’s preliminary determination.  This appeal will be considered by FAC, which will make a recommendation on the merits of the appeal to the Chair.  The final determination on merit awards will be made by the Chair, and these determinations will be forwarded to the Dean.


The departmental Chair shall be ranked and listed in accordance with the same standards as other members of the faculty.


FEC criteria and forms are contained below.