The policies and procedures for reappointment are included in the University policy and procedures regarding faculty reappointment (See, relevant section of University Policy Register).  Each academic year, reappointment guidelines for Kent and Regional Campus faculty are distributed by the Office of the Provost.  Probationary tenure-track (TT) faculty members are reviewed by the Department’s Ad Hoc RTP Committee (See, ARTICLE VII of this Handbook).


The FAC, in consultation with the Chair, assigns two (2) tenured faculty members to visit the classes of each probationary TT faculty member, interview students in the classes, and generally evaluate the faculty member’s teaching performance.   A written report of the evaluation is submitted to the Chair for placement in the  TT faculty member’s reappointment file.


Reappointment is a formal judgment—based upon the candidate’s performance in scholarship, teaching, and university citizenship—made annually as to whether a tenure-track faculty member should be appointed for an additional year.  This process occurs in the Spring Semester of the first year of appointment for a new faculty member and in the Fall Semester in each subsequent year until a decision is made regarding tenure.  The reappointment process is intended to assess and guide tenure-track faculty members in their development as they move toward the tenure and promotion decisions.  Each year’s reappointment review should take into account the candidate’s previous reappointment evaluations and should be a candid analysis of the extent to which the candidate is meeting the Department’s expectations.


Because reappointment  is closely related to the tenure and promotion decisions, each tenure-track faculty member undergoing an annual reappointment review should consult sections C.1. (“Tenure”) and C.2. (“Promotion”) below for specific guidelines on the criteria to be utilized by the Ad Hoc Reappointment  Committee and the format for compiling a reappointment file.


In the event that concerns about a candidate’s performance are raised during the reappointment process, the Ad Hoc RTP Committee and the Chair shall provide detailed, prescriptive comments to serve as constructive feedback.


From time to time, personal and/or family circumstances may arise that require an untenured faculty member to request that their probationary period be extended.  Upon request, a faculty member may be granted an extension of the probationary period.  The University policy and procedures governing modification of the faculty probationary period is included in the University Policy Register. (See, relevant section of University Policy Register)