Teaching Assignments and Class Schedules

Teaching assignments are made through the following process:


  • First, annual course models are developed by the appropriate committees (GSC, USC, CACM, and MPA).
  • Second, prior to the distribution of the various course models, a meeting of the Department Chair and the four coordinators shall be held.
  • Third, the models are distributed to faculty who are invited to indicate their course preferences.
  • Fourth, the chairs of the respective degree program committees, in consultation and with the approval of the department chair, develops the teaching assignments.


The primary considerations for course assignments are prior teaching experience, subject expertise, and shared responsibility among the faculty for service, and for teaching graduate, undergraduate, and introductory courses.  Questions regarding teaching assignments should be addressed to the chairs of the respective committees and to the Department Chair.  In the case of a dispute or request for reassignment, the faculty member may request review by the FAC which will make a recommendation to the Chair. Scheduling of classes is the responsibility of the chairs of the respective degree program committees with approval of the Chair.