Tenure Files

  1. The candidate’s file for tenure is the primary means for conveying the activity and productivity of the candidate to the Ad Hoc Tenure Committee and to subsequent review bodies.  The primary purpose underlying a well structured tenure file is to provide a continuum of development throughout all reappointment review periods.  Thus, the candidate is encouraged to build and maintain a file structured so as to allow a simple updating with each new annual review procedure.
  2. File contents 
    (a)  Statement of Accomplishments
    The candidate shall provide a written overview of their career, highlighting their accomplishments during the period under review.  This is the first item in the file.

    (b)  Curriculum Vitae
    This is the second item in the file.

    The CV should provide full information on each publication and should clearly differentiate between peer-reviewed publications and non-peer-reviewed publications.

    (c)  Supporting Documentation
        (1)  Scholarship
        Publications, presentations (copies of papers; abstracts with dates, announcements, etc.), grant proposals (transmittal form with budget and abstract, evidence of submission (such as signature page), and reviewers’ comments if available), any additional documentation deemed necessary.

        (2)  Teaching
        Student evaluations (including scores for norming group for each course); copies of course syllabi, examinations, and handouts; peer reviews of teaching; evidence concerning supervision of theses and dissertations; evidence of service on student committees; evidence of extraordinary advising; any additional documentation deemed necessary.

        (3)  University Citizenship
        Service contributions (appointment notices to committees, task forces, etc.), any additional documentation deemed necessary.

    (d) Supplementary Materials
    The candidate may add any documentation or evidence of additional activities which they may want the relevant reviewing bodies to view.

    (e)  Letters of Reference
    Outside letters of reference are required for tenure reviews.  The specific means for acquiring these letters are detailed in the University Policy Register.  The Chair is responsible for meeting this requirement and for placing these letters in the candidate’s file.

    (f)  List of citations of the candidate’s works.

    (g)  Published reviews of the candidate’s books in scholarly  journals.

    (h)  The file should be submitted electronically, using the format and interface in use at the university at the time the file is submitted.

    (i)   The candidate’s file is reviewed with the Chair for completeness and accuracy prior to acceptance for review.