Administrative Structure

The Regional College Dean (hereinto will be referred to as RC Dean) is the chief administrative officer of the College and reports directly to and is accountable to the Vice President for Kent State System Integration.  The RC Dean is responsible for recording, maintaining, and implementing the policies and procedures stated in this Handbook through regular consultation with the CAC and tenured and tenure-track faculty (hereinafter “TT faculty”), full-time non-tenure track faculty (hereinafter “FTNTT faculty”) and the College’s committees.  

Other Regional College administrative positions are nursing and health science program directors and may be clinical coordinators, Engineering Technology program director, Veterinary Technology Program director.  These positions provide administrative oversight and accreditation compliance to these academic programs. The positions are appointed, supervised, and evaluated by the appropriate administration of the respective regional campus. 

The Regional College does not have subordinate academic departments or schools. Three academic divisions-Applied Business, Health Professions, and Engineering Technology and Professional Studies have been established to insure appropriate representation on Regional College committees and transacting other curricular business within the College.  Program areas which are offered at more than one campus and do not have program directors may appoint a Lead Faculty member whose duties are outlined in Section I-G. 

Faculty in the Regional College are tenured, tenure-track, and FTNTT regional campus faculty who represent the program areas within the Regional College.