Appendix B

Proposal Review and Application for Load Equivalency Request for Research/Professional Development for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Proposal Review

1.  Applicants will submit one copy of the Faculty Load Equivalency Request and Curriculum Vitae

to the Assistant Dean and one copy to the Salem FC Chair by the Application Dates noted in Section 2 of this Handbook.

2.  The FC Chair will give the RPDLE requests to the RPDLE Evaluation Committee for review, comment, and recommendation.  This committee will consist of all Senior Salem Faculty members (tenured with rank above Assistant Professor)

3.  The RPDLE Evaluation Committee will review and evaluate the request for RPDLE based on the following criteria:

  • The eligibility requirements have been met. RPDLEs cannot take an applicant’s teaching load to zero (0) for the semester.
  • The applicant provided clearly defined and specific objectives that can be feasibly accomplished in the allotted time period.
  • The relevance and significance to the applicant’s discipline and/or instructional responsibilities.
  • The timeliness/appropriateness to the applicant’s stated professional goals (tenure, promotion, etc.)

4.  The RPDLE Evaluation Committee will send a summary evaluation to the FC Chair within two (2) weeks from the Application Date (by 1 March and 9 October). The FC Chair will make a copy of the RPDLE Evaluation Committee summary for submission to the Dean and keep one copy for the FC archives. This summary statement will include:

A)  An overall evaluation

           Strongly Support


           Do not Support

B)  In addition to the overall evaluation, the RPDLE Evaluation Committee will include a ranking for those applicants evaluated at the Strongly Support and Support levels that takes into account the quality of submitted materials, the applicant’s tenure status, and the applicant’s past record of receiving RPDLEs.

While preference is to be given to tenure-track faculty, the quality of the proposal will also be taken into account in making the overall evaluation.

Promotion to Full Professor requires evidence of excellence in the Scholarship/Creative Activity category.  For this reason tenured faculty members who have not had a RPDLE in recent years will be given preference over tenured applicants with recent RPDLEs to help them meet this crucial requirement.

The ranking system, which summarizes the RPDLE Evaluation Committee’s assessment of need/potential benefit to the applicants, will assign a number 1 to 5 to each supported applicant’s request, with 5 representing the highest level of support.

5.  The Salem Campus Dean will make the final decision and notify the applicant as to whether the RPDLE will be part of the faculty member’s load for the semester of application.  Faculty members will be notified by 15 March for the fall semester and 25 October for the spring semester.

6.  The recommendations of the RPDLE Evaluation Committee will be archived by the Salem FC Secretary and made available to any Salem Campus tenure-track or tenured faculty for review.

Important Notes:

  1. Research/Professional Development Load Equivalency is granted for the maximum of three (3) credit hours per semester.  RPDLEs cannot take an applicant’s teaching load to zero (0) for the semester.
  2. One cannot teach an overload in a semester for which a Research/Professional Development Load Equivalency has been granted.
  3. A Faculty Member awarded a Research/Professional Development Load Equivalency must submit a one-page project summary to the Dean within thirty (30) days from the end of the semester for which the load equivalency was granted.  This summary shows how the project goals were accomplished.