Guidelines for Load Equivalency Request for Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty

The primary responsibility of Kent State University faculty members with appointments in the Regional Campuses is the delivery of undergraduate instruction. Faculty members are required to maintain twelve (12) load hours of instruction per semester. The Regional Campuses of Kent State University, however, recognize the need to allow faculty members the opportunity to continue and maintain research and/or professional development activities in their discipline. To meet that need, the University permits Tenured and Tenure- Track Faculty members with Regional Campus Appointments to periodically apply for Research/Professional Development Load Equivalency (RPDLE) to replace part of their normal instructional responsibility. The number of RPDLE’s that can be granted per semester is limited and will be granted on a competitive basis. The Campus Dean makes the final decision.

To be eligible for a RPDLE:

1.  Applicants must be Full-time Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty.

2.  Applicants cannot teach over-loads during the semester for which a RPDLE has been granted.

3.  Applicants must submit two (2) copies of the completed Faculty Load Equivalency Request for review.  One copy goes to the Assistant Dean and one copy to the Salem FC Chair. Each request and accompanying Curriculum Vitae must be submitted by:

Application Date For Semester
15 February Following Fall
25 September Following Spring

4.  Applicants cannot have more than one RPDLE per academic year.

5.  Preference will be given to untenured faculty seeking tenure, tenured faculty who have not received RPDLE’s previously, and to tenured faculty actively seeking promotion.

6.  RPDLEs cannot take an applicant’s teaching load to zero (0) for the semester.

Details on the proposal review and the application form are included in Appendix B.