Instructional Responsibilities

Course Syllabus. Faculty members are required to prepare and distribute a course syllabus at the beginning of each semester, including the number and type of examinations, attendance rules, papers, assignments, due dates, office hours, grading standards, textbooks, reference material and the like. Statements about emergency procedures, students with disabilities, and plagiarism should be included. A copy of the syllabus should be filed with the appropriate secretary.    Faculty should follow the syllabus requirements as provided by their department, college, or school.

Class Attendance. According to University rules, classes are conducted on the premise that regular attendance is desirable. The individual faculty member has the responsibility for managing student attendance.  (See

When students have prolonged or unexplained absences from class, the teaching faculty member is encouraged to work with the Student Academic Center to discover reasons for absences and to pursue courses of action. Faculty should use the on-line Early Alert and the NF and SF grading options throughout the semester to alert students of imminent course failure.

Faculty Absence from duty. Faculty members shall meet their classes and conduct final examinations at the scheduled times.  Normal practice is to notify the administration through the appropriate secretary when one is to be absent from class. Note that leaving voice mail is not sufficient.  Faculty members need to speak with the secretary or with the assistant dean or with the assistant dean’s secretary.  Faculty are advised to also notify their students of their absence.  Please make alternate plans for the class session when possible.  Faculty members must report absences using Leave Report in Flashline.

Office Hours. All full-time faculty members are expected to maintain a minimum of five (5) office hours per week for the purpose of advising and counseling with students on academic and instructional matters. If faculty are assigned to more than one campus, those hours must be split between the campuses. Faculty members should turn in office hours to the appropriate secretary. See:

Commencement Duty. All full-time faculty members are expected to participate in annual commencement exercises, wearing academic dress.

Email. Email is the official method of communication at Kent State University.  Faculty members should check email regularly and respond to student email messages in a timely manner.

Course Assignments. The faculty member’s academic department has responsibility for approving faculty to teach particular courses. Requests for additional course approvals shall be processed through the Campus Dean to the academic department.  Decisions are noted in the faculty member’s campus personnel file. After consulting with the faculty member involved, it is the responsibility of the Campus Dean to assign faculty to courses and sections of courses.  These assignments are made upon consideration of enrollment demand and projections, faculty eligibility to teach, and other university needs. Whenever a faculty member is assigned to teach classes at more than one regional campus, the responsible Campus Deans confer in making the assignment. The individual faculty member shall be consulted with regard to assignment. The responsibility for assigning faculty members to teach specific classes rests with the Campus Dean and/or Assistant/Associate Dean, who should consult with faculty on the matter.  Last minute assignment changes may be unavoidable because of higher or lower student demand, faculty illness, and other such emergencies.

A special stipend of $1,000 applies for faculty members who have not been hired with joint appointments but are assigned to teach at another regional campus. If the faculty member is teaching at multiple campuses on the same day(s), travel may also be reimbursed.

Cancellation of classes is the responsibility of the Campus Dean.