Procedure for Appointment

Procedures Leading to Tenure Track Appointments. The procedure for appointing a faculty member to the Salem Campus begins with the Staffing Needs Committee’s identification of needed faculty members.  The Staffing Needs Committee seeks approval from the Faculty Council, which recommends to the Campus Dean, who then seeks approval from the Senior Vice President and Provost.

A job description is written in consultation with the campus faculty members in the same department that establishes the qualifications for the position, describes the nature of the position, establishes deadline dates for application, and names a contact person to receive the applications.   The position is then advertised appropriately according to University policy. (See

The Search Committee may be appointed prior to the writing of a job description. The Campus Dean appoints and charges search committees.   The department chair is asked to suggest a department member to serve on the search committee.

The search committee is responsible for identifying a short list of candidates to be submitted to the department chair for review and approval.  From the list of candidates approved by the department, the search committee submits a list of three or four candidates to the Campus Dean. A search committee, if it so chooses, may rank the candidates (CBA, Article VI, Section VI).

Offer of Appointment. Once a person has been selected for a position, and the process is reviewed by the Office of Affirmative Action, an offer of appointment will be made by the Campus Dean. The written offer will minimally include: department of the prospective faculty member, dates and periods of appointment; type of employment, rank, salary, major assignment and duties, special and/or additional assignments; a description of the processes of review and assessment for reappointment, tenure, promotion; other terms of appointment, such as the initial Regional Campus to which the faculty member is assigned and the possibilities of summer teaching.

This letter and one copy are sent to the prospective faculty member for signature and return. All appointments are subject to the approval of the Provost, President, and Board of Trustees.

Full Time Tenure-Track Faculty Ranks. The Salem Campus follows the University policy with respect to faculty rank as set forth in the University Register:

The ranks are as follows:

          Assistant Professor

          Associate Professor


Assignment or advancement to these ranks normally occurs by promotion or upon initial appointment when specific criteria are met.

Procedures for Appointment of Full Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty.  Non-Tenure Track appointments are possible according to rules set forth in the University Register.

Non-Tenure Track appointments are covered by a separate Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA:

Non-Tenure Track appointments carry with them only those benefits designated by the CBA. There is no institutional obligation beyond the period of Non-Tenure Track appointment.  Faculty are appointed in one of four tracks:

  1. Instructional
  2. Clinical
  3. Practitioner
  4. Research

Multiple Campus Appointments. Faculty members may be appointed to teach at more than one campus. Primary assignment for Faculty Council representation will be determined annually based upon the teaching load in the Fall Semester.  However, for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion decisions, the home campus is defined by the original offer letter.