Reappointment - Tenure Track

Annual review of tenure track faculty for reappointment shall be undertaken each year until they are considered for tenure. Annual review is often undertaken at approximately the same time as promotion and tenure decisions, but specific time-tables are established for the completion of each kind of review. (See

Upon notification from the Office of the Provost, which involves circulating timetables, guidelines, and other information to unit chairs, the unit chair notifies the unit that review is to begin and invites each candidate to submit evidence in support of a favorable recommendation.  Each candidate prepares an on-line portfolio. Candidates are strongly advised to meet personally with the department chair and a Salem Campus senior faculty member from the same or a cognate discipline concerning the content and organization of the file. The candidate and the department chair must both certify file completeness.

On the Salem Campus, each tenured member of the campus FC reviews the files of the candidate and makes an independent written evaluation for or against reappointment.  After a meeting of the tenured Faculty for purposes of discussion, the written evaluations and votes are forwarded to the Salem FC chair, who tabulates the votes and writes a letter of recommendation to the Campus Dean, including the faculty written evaluations for inclusion in the on-line portfolio.