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Faculty Load Equivalency Request

For Research/Professional Development

Kent State University – Salem Campus

Submit one copy your completed request and updated Curriculum Vitae to the Assistant Dean’s Office and one copy of the completed request and updated Curriculum Vitae to the Salem FC Chair.  Deadlines for submission are listed in the Guidelines for Load Equivalency Request for Research/Professional Development.


Date Submitted:

Semester Requested:                                Fall 201_                                      Spring 201_

Rank/Status (check)

             Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track

             Assistant Professor, Tenured

             Associate Professor, Tenured

             Professor, Tenured

             Other (specify)                                                             

Years at Rank: Department:

Eligibility for Load Equivalency:

                        1.  Semester and Year of last Research/Professional Development Load Equivalency (RPDLE).

                        2.  In the Semester requested, will you have other Non-Teaching Load Equivalencies or assignments that will affect the number of courses you teach at the Salem Campus?

If you answered yes to question 2, please indicate the type and number of hours of load equivalency or other assignments that you are scheduled to receive for the semester in question.

Project Information:

  1. Briefly describe the project you will undertake if granted this load equivalency.
  2. What are your goals for this project?
  3. How is this project important in your discipline?
  4. How will this project help you? (Tenure? Promotion? Certification? Professional Development?)
  5. How have you designed/scaled your project to ensure its completion within one semester? (Note: This proposed project can be part of a larger undertaking; the question here pertains specifically to the project covered by this request for load equivalency.)

Outcome Assessment: How will you measure the success of your project?