Teaching Responsibilities

Academic Year Work Load. The workload assignment for a tenured or tenure-track faculty member is 24 credit hours over the fall and spring semesters during a given academic year, and 30 hours for non-tenure track faculty. Teaching assignments for an individual are the responsibility of the Salem Campus Dean on a course and semester basis.

Each faculty’s workload statement, which should be issued at least 30 days prior to the beginning of each semester, must include workload hours designated in three areas: teaching, research, and university citizenship. Faculty with disputes may be reviewed by the Faculty Council for a recommendation to the campus dean. (See CBA, Article IX.)

The Dean may, with consultation of the affected faculty members, assign evening or Saturday classes as a portion of their contract load. Faculty may also be assigned to teach at other Kent State University campuses (including Kent) if a full workload at the Salem Campus is not possible.

Overload Policy. Compensation for teaching overload at the Salem Campus is governed by policy described in the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreements. Assignment to such courses is made by the Dean of the Salem Campus. The order of consideration for teaching overload assignments is as follows:  First priority to resident full-time faculty at the Salem Campus, then full-time faculty of the Regional Campus system, and finally full-time faculty of the Kent Campus.

Summer and Intersession Teaching Policy. Summer teaching employment may be available for Salem Campus faculty (tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure track), and is governed by provisions described in the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreements. This possibility depends on course demands and enrollment projections. Assignment to such teaching is made by the Dean of the Campus. Resident Tenure-Track Faculty will be given preference followed by Resident Faculty of the Regional Campus System.  If a summer class is to be cancelled, the affected faculty member shall be contacted prior to the start of classes and given an opportunity to teach a different summer class. (Article IX, Section IV).

Distance/Distributed Instruction. Distance Learning development and revision is addressed in the CBA Article XXI.

Annual Workload Summary Reports. All continuing tenured faculty members are required to prepare and submit to the Campus Dean, by the end of the spring semester, an Annual Workload Summary Report for the previous academic year. The purpose of this report is to document the workload, including utilization of the specified workload equivalencies, for the academic year. This report may be used in planning future workload equivalencies. Any other use of the report requires the consent of the Faculty member.  This report should be submitted electronically in Word format.  This Report includes the following items:

  • An updated curriculum vitae.
  • Course evaluations added by the Campus Dean and syllabi for each course taught.
  • A brief summary of professional activities related to the workload (e.g., if a faculty member has a 3 hour assignment for program coordination, a brief summary of activities related to his/her work as a Coordinator should be provided).  This summary will be evaluated by the Campus Dean when determining future workload releases.