Tenure Review

The granting of tenure is a decision that plays a crucial role in determining the quality of university faculty and the national and international status of the university. The awarding of tenure must be based on convincing documented evidence that the faculty member has achieved excellence as a teacher, a significant body of scholarship, and has provided effective service. The candidate must also be expected to continue and sustain, over the long term, a program of high quality teaching, scholarship, and service relevant to the mission of the candidate’s academic unit(s), the Salem campus, and to the university.

Upon receipt of pertinent materials from the Office of the Provost, unit chairs notify faculty who are eligible for tenure review in the fall.  Faculty so identified are notified by the unit and they prepare an on-line portfolio of evidence in support of their review.  Candidates are strongly advised to meet personally with the chair and a Salem Campus senior faculty member from the same or a cognate discipline concerning the contents of the file.  The candidate and the Chair must both certify file completeness, which is added to the on-line portfolio. (See https://www.kent.edu/policyreg/university-policy-regarding-faculty-tenure.)