The policy regarding faculty travel and reimbursement for this travel is governed by University regulations as found in the University Register (

The faculty travel budget can be used to reimburse full-time faculty and program directors or coordinators who hold faculty rank. There are contractual agreements between the University and the AAUP regarding travel for University business. (See CBA, Article XIV, Section VI)

Faculty intending to travel for professional development activities should submit their travel proposal—which should include the travel proposal form and a brief rationale for their travel request—to the Salem Campus Travel Committee as early as possible in the academic year. All proposals should document in writing a travel destination, purpose for travel, estimated costs, and dates for proposed travel. The Travel Committee will evaluate submitted proposal forms and will submit a brief letter to the campus dean detailing the merits of the proposal. The campus dean determines whether a proposal will receive funding and at what level.   At the end of each fiscal year, the Campus Dean will review travel expenditures to determine whether travel funding levels are set appropriately and adjust if necessary.  If funds remain at the end of the fiscal year, they may be reserved for travel in future years.  After the decision is made, the campus dean is responsible for notifying faculty members of their expected level of reimbursement.  The travel committee only reviews requests over $300; requests below that amount should go directly to the business office.