University policy on class attendance and class absence is outlined in the University Policy Register, 3342-01.2.

Regular attendance in class is expected of all students at Kent State University. The individual instructor has both the responsibility and the prerogative for managing student attendance. The instructorʼs policy regarding attendance for each course should be written in the course syllabus and communicated to students during the first week of the term. The policy may take alternate forms within the bounds of appropriate instructional techniques. Some divisions may have additional attendance policies.

While classes are conducted on the premise that regular attendance is expected, the University recognizes certain activities and events as legitimate reasons for absence from class. These include, for example, illness, death in the immediate family, religious observance, academic field trips, and participation in a University approved concert or athletic event. Even though any absence can potentially interfere with the planned development of a course and the student bears the responsibility for fulfilling all course expectations in a timely and responsible manner, instructors will, without prejudice, provide students returning to class after a legitimate absence with appropriate assistance and counsel about completing missed assignments and class material.