Basic Pedagogy

While the intellectual and judgmental skills essential for acceptable teaching are more open to interpretation than class management techniques, the following items are presented as constructive suggestions for the improvement of teaching on our campuses.

1. Content, assignments, and approach reasonable to the level, aims, and nature of the course.

2. Concern for appropriate teaching technique.

3. Effective use of class time.

4. Adequate class and course preparation.

5. Testing and grading practices that relate directly to course content and assignments.

6. Communication skills appropriate to the level of students and subject matter in the course.*

*(It is largely the responsibility of the administration to identify the problem area in communication skills through appropriate screening procedures and/or when complaints are raised concerning faculty. A plan for faculty improvement should be prescribed and then appropriate class assignments made for the faculty member involved.)

7. Knowledge ability and currency regarding subject matter. *

*(It is the responsibility of faculty members to remain current in the material covered in their own courses and to be knowledgeable about developments in their disciplines, especially as regards changes in cognate courses within the division or school curriculum. The administration shares this responsibility, first in providing time and encouragement for professional development, and second, in responsibly managing class assignments appropriate to the knowledge and background of the individual faculty member.)