The Director

The director is the chief executive officer of the School and is responsible for its effective and efficient operation.

The director shall administer with the advice and recommendations of the Faculty Advisory Committee on all academic matters that are central to the mission of the School, which include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  1. Ensuring School of Art compliance with university, administrative and operational policies, rules, regulations and any applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement;
  2. Developing and carrying out administrative and educational policies in the School, with appropriate consultation;
  3.   Appointment of new faculty; non-reappointment and dismissal;
  4.   Handling issues concerning tenure and promotion;
  5.   Allocating academic staff;
  6.   Conducting evaluations related to salaries and merit increases;
  7.   Appointing and directing the nonacademic staff of the School;
  8.   Managing teaching assignments and class schedules;
  9.   Ensuring that instructional standards are followed;
  10. Ensuring that class and other duties of faculty members are met;
  11. Ensuring that students are properly advised;
  12. Selecting and structuring committees;
  13. Supervising program development and discontinuance;
  14. Establishing and maintaining the academic unit policy book;
  15. Managing applications for research and other leaves;
  16. Establishing budget priorities and guidelines;
  17. Overseeing the preparation of reports to University officials, as required and appropriate;
  18. Scheduling classes and rooms through the appropriate University offices;
  19. Assigning workload to faculty members, with appropriate consultation;
  20. Recommending course changes in consultation with divisions, through the appropriate dean;
  21. Maintaining custody of University property allocated to the School:
  22. Communicating and working with the appropriate college and university staff on fund-raising and advancement initiatives to benefit the School of Art.
  23. Promoting good communications and morale within the School
  24. Representing the School and communicating the views of its faculty in college and university affairs;
  25. Maintaining appropriate balance and emphasis among the various divisions of the School;
  26. Performing other tasks and duties as assigned, all of which cannot be cataloged and may include but not be limited to following the progress of graduates, maintaining relationships with the regional campuses, providing orientation to new faculty, etc.

The director shall be non-voting chairperson of faculty meetings; shall be a member ex-officio of all divisions and committees; and shall be committed to the welfare and development of all faculty, staff, and students of the School of Art.

The selection, review, and reappointment of the director are the responsibility of the dean of the College of the Arts, who consults with the School of Art faculty on such matters. Procedures for the selection, review and reappointment of the director are included in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.