The Faculty

The regular faculty includes both Tenure-Track (TT) and Non-Tenure Track (NTT) faculty members. The TT faculty includes those persons holding full-time, tenure-track appointments on the Kent Campus and the regional campuses with the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. In addition to differentiation in rank, the faculty is divided into undergraduate and graduate faculty. The Non-Tenure Track Faculty may hold the rank of Lecturer, Associate Lecturer, or Senior Lecturer (for those without appropriate terminal degree); or Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor (for those with appropriate terminal degree).

The faculty will meet at least once per semester in a meeting called by the director, or, in meetings requested by one fourth of the regular faculty. Only TT and NTT faculty may vote. All other faculty, i.e., part-time, temporary, or visiting appointments, may attend school faculty meetings and participate in discussion and deliberation, but may not vote.  The faculty, through its elected representatives on school committees, is advisory and recommendatory to the director on those academic matters that are central to the mission of the School.

While regional campus faculty members hold appointments specifically in the regional campus system, they are also regular members of their respective schools and colleges and are to be represented on important school committees, such as, but not limited to, the ad hoc Tenure and Promotion Committee, the Student Academic Complaint Committee, and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Teaching assignments, load, and salary determinations for regional campus faculty are the responsibility of the regional campus dean. The director of the School of Art may stipulate particular courses which regional campus faculty will be approved to teach and, in addition, may participate in recruitment and act on recommendations for appointment of full-time and part-time regional campus faculty candidates.