Independent Study

Load hours for undergraduate independent study that are not a program requirement should be assumed by a faculty member as equivalent to a "committee" responsibility, not to exceed seventy-five (75) hours per semester.  (See Load Chart)

Internships and special programs that are requirements, shall include load hour credit, and, in instances where administration is an essential and considerable aspect of instructional responsibility, administrative load equivalence.  (See Load Chart)

Independent Study and Thesis Review at the graduate level shall be assigned load in accordance with the Load Chart. Six registered students (@ 3 credit hours each) shall constitute a regular studio graduate class that shall be assigned a scheduled time and studio, and a load of 4.0, at the option of the instructor and the discretion of the director of the School. The minimum studio graduate class size shall be 6 students, and the recommended maximum class size shall be 15. The minimum graduate art lecture class shall be 10 students, and the recommended maximum class size shall be 15.

Student Teaching



Instructor and/or advisor load per 4 students


Instructor and/or advisor load per student


Administrative Load Equivalents (maximum per semester)


Assistant to the Director


Division coordinator


Graduate Coordinator