Other Faculty Roles and Responsibilities of the Fulltime Faculty

Faculty members are expected to schedule and attend at least five (5) office hours per week (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-18.101). The office hours shall be posted and communicated to the School office as well as to the faculty member's students. If a student, for a legitimate reason or reasons, is unable to meet during the faculty member’s scheduled office hours, the faculty member shall make appointments to meet with the student at an alternate time.

In order to assist in student advising, faculty members should maintain current knowledge of University, College, and School programs and requirements.  

Each faculty member is expected to contribute to the School, Campus, College and the University according to the terms and condition of his/her letter of appointment. Some faculty members make their primary contribution in teaching and others emphasize research. High quality teaching and scholarly activity are expected of all
Faculty members. Service to the School, Campus, College, and the University also are expected of each Faculty member. Faculty members are expected to participate in recruitment programs, graduation ceremonies and other activities which are appropriate to their role as a faculty member in the School.

All faculty members must provide students with a syllabus which includes the semester/year, the course content which must conform to the approved Basic Data Sheet, the learning objectives, course objectives, a tentative course schedule including dates and the content to be covered on those dates, a list of assignments and/or reports, approximate dates of examinations, grading standards, attendance requirements, other pertinent details on the conduct of the class, the instructor’s contact information and office hours, the University policy/procedures on withdrawing from the course, and student accessibility information. Each semester an electronic copy of the syllabus is to be submitted to the School office.

A Student Survey of Instruction (SSI) is required in each course in each semester and will be conducted under the auspices of the Director pursuant to applicable University policies and procedures. Probationary Faculty members are expected to work with the School Director to identify at least one faculty member each year to visit their class and evaluate their teaching performance. Supervision and direction of student research projects, theses, and/or dissertations (as appropriate to program offerings) is part of the teaching function.

Scholarly activity is expected of all Faculty members, although the extent and/or type of activity may vary with the terms of each Faculty member’s assignment and campus location. Faculty members involved in research and the graduate program are expected to present evidence of their endeavors, which may include publications, proposals submitted for extramural funding, and dissemination of research in various venues as appropriate to the discipline. Activity in professional organizations and the education of graduate students also is generally expected.

Service to the University is a responsibility of each Faculty member. School, Campus, College, and University committee or task force membership is expected as a normal part of a Faculty member’s contributions. Public service is encouraged and recognized as a part of the professional responsibilities of each Faculty member, although contributions in this area can be expected to vary widely due to the nature of the various disciplines within the School.