1.    Every faculty who wishes to apply for merit in Teaching, Research/Creativity and/or Service should fill out the appropriate sections of the Excel Summarization Tool (See Appendix II: Merit Summary). The Excel Summary Tool is a list of activities for Teaching, Research/Creativity, and Service that allows faculty to list the types of activities that they have been engaged in for the predetermined merit period. Faculty must turn in the Excel Summary Tool with updated vitae that is highlighted/annotated to demonstrate the activities listed on the Excel Summary Tool. The Excel Summary Tool and the vitae will be reviewed by the FAC and faculty will be categorized using a ranking system.

2.    Each FAC member will rate the applicant’s file in the appropriate category on a 0-2 point scale whereby 0=not meritorious, 1=meritorious, and 2=outstanding meritorious. Meritorious performance is defined as performance that exceeds the norm. The rating of 0 will be associated with work that meets minimal expectations in a category but is not considered as having reached a meritorious threshold. A rating of 1 will be associated with work that is considered to have reached a meritorious threshold. A rating of 2 will be associated with work that is considered to have greatly exceeded expectations in a category and would be considered as being outstanding.  If a FAC member applies for merit, the scores from the other FAC members will be averaged and used as that FAC member’s additional score.  This procedure prohibits the FAC member from rating himself or herself.

Ratings for Teaching, Research/Creativity, and Service will be sent to the designated School support staff member who will compile the ratings.

3.    The FAC will meet and discuss the ratings of the pool.  Faculty names will be removed from the ratings by the School support staff member who compiled the ratings.  The merit pool will be divided based on the established percentages (see above) and then that portion of the merit pool will be distributed based on the total number of points awarded by the FAC and their sum divided into the pool to determine the individual point value. The individual point value will then be multiplied by the average rating each faculty member received from the FAC.  Those faculty who earned an average of less that 1.0 will not be considered meritorious and will not be eligible for merit.  The FAC will make recommendations regarding allocations to the School Director who will then make the final decisions related to these allocations.

4.    Faculty members have the right to request reconsideration of the preliminary determination made by the Director.  Such requests will be made in writing and considered by the FAC, who will, on the merits of the request, make a recommendation to the School Director. Final determinations will then be made by the School Director and transmitted to the Dean.