Appendix B - Preparing a Curriculum Vitae for RTP

Resume vs. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Resume is typically a brief summary of skills, experience, education
  • CV is a detailed synopsis of educational and academic background, teaching experience, publications, presentations, service, awards, honors, affiliations, and other details. 



  • May use a template from MS Word
  • Keep all sections uniform
  • Avoid ornate fonts (use Arial, Times, Calibri, Cambria), typical size 10 or 12 depending on font type; use larger font for name
  • Organized! Accurate! Clear!
  • Speak to RTP requirements


Components of a CV

  • Name and contact information
  • Education: Degree, Institution, Date degree received
  • Dissertation: may use early in your career but not necessary later on
  • Honors & Awards: may use after education or after publications, presentations; if multiple you may organize by research, teaching, service
  • Teaching - Academic Experience
  • Publications: organize them by type and review process, date (most recent at top of list); use an appropriate citation style (APA recommended)
  • Publications: organize them by type and review process, date (most recent at top of list); use an appropriate citation style (APA recommended); indicate role and 50% of contribution for co-authored work
    • Books, Book chapters,
    • Refereed (or Peer reviewed) journal articles, Refereed Conference Papers
    • Non-refereed (or non-peer-reviewed) journal articles and/or conference papers with indication after each if invited.
  • Work in Progress: [it is not a publication until submitted and accepted (In press, forthcoming)], work completed and ready for submission, submitted, under review
  • Presentations: organize or indicate if refereed or invited
  • Reports or other work (columns, book reviews, etc.)
  • Grants: submitted grant: title, agency, date, indicate if research or other if not apparent from title, PIs and Co-PIs, amount requested, funding status
  • Teaching: courses taught, developed, Thesis or Master’s Research Papers supervised
  • Service: School, College, University, Professional Organizations (regional, state, international)
  • Review activities (referee, reviewer, juror, judge): editorial work, journal reviewer, conference proposal reviews, awards reviewer, poster sessions, etc.
  • Professional Development: workshops, institutes, etc.
  • Professional experience (relevant); if lengthy separate from Teaching; if not lengthy, combine with Teaching/Academic into one Experience section
  • Memberships to Professional organizations