Authorization of Absence, Professional Memberships, and Travel Policy

Faculty members who will be absent from campus for professional or personal reasons must file a Faculty Absence Authorization form requesting that absence be approved. This request should be filed well in advance or at least one week prior to the proposed absence. The SLIS Director and the Dean of Communication and Information must approve authorization of absence. Arrangements for any classes that will be missed must be satisfactory before the absence will be approved.


It is expected that the faculty will belong to professional associations within their areas of interest. Most also will belong to several other organizations in their respective interest areas. Payment of personal membership dues in appropriate professional organizations is a normal responsibility of all faculty members and is not funded by the School.


Travel for attendance at professional meetings is encouraged. Partial reimbursement, if funds permit, is provided in accordance with University policies (UR 3342-7-13). Faculty members are expected to consult with and seek approval from the Director prior to the event and prior to registration or travel arrangements for which the funds are requested and to submit the required absence authorization and estimated expenditures authorization form.