Faculty Excellence Awards

Article XII, Section 3 of CBA describes the policy on Faculty Excellence Awards (merit) which are given for demonstrated productivity and achievement in two categories: Teaching/University Citizenship and Scholarship. For specific performance criteria, see the indices of research and service in Section V., Subsections C. and D. (teaching and service), and Section V. B. (research) respectively. When authorized, increments are limited to faculty members whose performance in a given year is significantly above the norms for the School as a whole. The FAC will review merit guidelines for each year in which merit is to be given and recommend to the SLIS Director the appropriate standards to be used for merit consideration. Faculty may submit a separate application for each Faculty Excellence Award category. The FAC reviews all merit applications and makes recommendations to the Director for each applicant.


The Director reviews the recommendations of the FAC and submits merit recommendations to the Dean of the College of Communication and Information. Considerations of Faculty Excellence Awards follow guidelines established by the Provost's office and the CBA (Article XII).


Following completion of the merit process, the Director will make available to the faculty a general listing of the number and range of merit increments granted in each category.