Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Promotion

Statements regarding promotion are contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Addendum C, Sections 1 and 2, effective, August 16, 2013. Promotion of Full-time Non-Tenure-track Faculty is determined by a College-level Non-tenure-track Promotion Advisory Board (NPAB). This board is convened by the Dean of the College and consists of FTNTT Faculty members and the Dean who shall act as chair and a non-voting member.



Addendum C of the CBA, effective, August 16, 2013, clearly states:

Evidence of significant accomplishments in both Performance and Professional Development is required for promotion. Accomplishments and/or contributions in the area of University Citizenship are neither required nor expected, except as to the extent such accomplishments and/or contributions are appropriate to the FTNTT Faculty member’s track and/or workload assignments, but will, when they exist, contribute to the bargaining unit member’s overall record of accomplishments.