Leaves of Absence and Professional Improvement Leaves

1. Faculty Leaves of Absence without Pay

(See UR 3342-6-11.9)

Tenured/tenure-track faculty of the School may request leave of absence without pay for legitimate personal or professional reasons. Such leave must be requested by March 1 for leaves beginning the next year. Requests for leaves, which are proposed to begin during the second semester, should be filed at the beginning of the Fall semester.


Requests for leave must be approved by the SLIS Director, the Dean of Communication and Information, and the Provost. Leave for the purpose of eventually accepting regular appointment at another institution is not permitted, nor may a faculty member hold tenure concurrently at the university and another institution.


Special recognition is accorded to leaves of absence for research purposes (See UR 3341-6-11.8). In such cases, “special research leave” is substituted for the “leave of absence” notation in the faculty’s record.


2. Faculty Leaves of Absence with Pay

(See UR 3342-6-11)

Leave of absence with pay is granted for court duty (UR 3342-6-11.5). Any remuneration is to be remitted to the Treasurer of the University unless the absence is outside of normal working hours.


3. Other Faculty Leaves of Absence

Leaves of absence for illness, temporary disability and pregnancy, and military service are covered in UR 3342-6-11.1, UR 3342-6-11.3, and UR 3342-6-11.6 respectively.

4. Faculty Professional Improvement Leaves (FPIL)

(See UR 3342-6-12 and UR 3342-6-12.101)

Tenured members of the faculty who have completed seven years of full-time service with the University and have the rank of assistant professor or higher are eligible for faculty professional improvement leaves (i.e., sabbaticals) in accordance with University policies (UR 3342-6-12) and operating procedures (UR 3342-6-12.101). A faculty request for a professional improvement leave should state the purpose clearly in a proposal of about 300 words. The proposal is prepared and reviewed in accordance with the university guidelines distributed annually by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs. The proposal must be submitted to the Director by October 15 of the prior academic year.


Policy Statement on Faculty Professional Improvement Leaves (FPIL)

The School of Library and Information Science, as a graduate unit of Kent State University, welcomes the opportunities for faculty research made possible through PILs. Research and publication of the results are beneficial to the School and to individual faculty members. Because the School has a small faculty, each request must be weighed carefully in relation to the primary obligation of the School to provide a balanced array of required and elective courses for students in the M.L.I.S. program. Therefore, the following limitations usually are placed on granting PIL requests: only one faculty member can be permitted to be absent on PIL in any given semester. (If one faculty member is granted a PIL for an entire year, no other PILs can be permitted during that year. If two faculty members are to receive semester-length PILs, they must take them in different semesters.) Exceptions to these restrictions may be considered.


In addition to the criteria established in the University Policy on Professional Improvement Leaves, the following criteria will be used in evaluating PIL requests:

  • the merits of the proposals as research proposals and their potential for eventual publication;
  • the merits of the proposal to meet program development needs;
  • the potential of the proposals for enhancing the regional, national or international visibility of the School.