Other administrative assignments for Faculty

  1. Associate Director

    The Associate Director is appointed by the Director, in consultation with the FAC, with delegated responsibilities. Typically, the Associate Director’s responsibilities fall in the areas of academic programs and students and may include overseeing scheduling for the entire School, student services, curriculum matters, and evaluation and assessment of programs. The Associate Director works closely with the Graduate Coordinator on curricular policies and procedures, documents, catalog copy, etc. The Associate Director is an ex-officio member of the Curriculum Committee and the Accreditation and Assessment Committee and serves as the curriculum approver for the school.

  2. Graduate Coordinator

    The Graduate Coordinator is appointed by the Director in consultation with and approval by the FAC, typically for a minimum of a two-year assignment. The Graduate Coordinator’s responsibilities include admission decisions for regular admissions, consultation with the Awards and Admissions Committee for conditional admissions, student academic achievement reviews, dismissal decisions, working with faculty and administration in the School and the College to develop and implement School and University policies regarding graduate student academic matters, provides data on graduate students, coordinates any communication to students regarding academic matters, and works with the Chair of the Curriculum Committee for curricular matters. The Graduate Coordinator is an ex-officio member of the Awards and Admissions Committee and the Curriculum Committee.

  3. Concentration Coordinator(s)

    Concentration Coordinators are appointed by the Director in consultation with the FAC for established concentrations in SLIS programs. Currently SLIS has a school library media concentration in the MLIS program, and concentrations in health informatics, knowledge management, and user experience design of the MS-IAKM program. Concentration coordinators are responsible for submitting curricular proposals for approval to the SLIS Curriculum Committee, work with the Associate Director to identify part-time instructors for concentration offerings and establish a rotation for course scheduling. Concentration Coordinators work with the marketing staff and recruitment team to promote their program and recruit students. Concentration coordinators work with Accreditation and Assessment Committee for reporting required assessment data, planning program accreditation requests, and prepare accreditation reports for accredited programs.