General statements regarding tenure, reappointment and promotion, including means of initiating promotion procedure and dates of notice of tenure decisions and reappointments are contained in the University Policy Register (UR), 6-14 (tenure), 6-15 (promotion), and 36-16 (reappointment) and in the FT-TT Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Article XI; Addendum A, Addendum B, and Addendum C, effective, August 19, 2012.


In addition to the indices listed for each area below, evidence may be documented in the candidate’s narrative (see Appendix C for guidelines) through self-evaluation, peer evaluation, client evaluation, external colleague evaluation (which should be detached and dispassionate), and adjudication). Statements concerning the composition of the ad hoc Promotion Committee and the ad hoc Tenure Committee of the School of Library and Information Science are contained in Section III, Subsection D, 3 and 4, of this document.