SLIS Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

(See CBA Article VI, Section 3 A)

… a Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) shall be established for each department, which committee shall be representative of the Faculty members of the department and shall, at all times, be comprised of such persons as shall be determined from time to time by the Faculty members of the department. The FAC may comprise, upon the vote of the members of the Faculty, the entire membership of the Faculty or such portion or representative persons from the department Faculty and full-time non-tenure track faculty members as may be determined by the members of the Faculty within the department.


The purpose of the FAC is to represent the interests of the faculty as a whole in advising and consulting with the Director on matters which include, but are not limited to, faculty personnel decisions (e.g., tenure and promotion, appointment of new faculty, non-reappointment and dismissal, evaluations relating to salary increases, adjustments, merit increases, research and other leaves), financial and human resource decisions (e.g., allocation and re-allocation of new or vacant staff positions, budget priorities and guidelines, including review of requests for funding and allocation of discretionary resources, teaching assignments, and class schedules), academic issues (e.g., program development and discontinuance, instructional standards, student advisement), and administrative decisions (e.g., selection and structure of committees, and maintenance of the School's Faculty Handbook). The FAC also elects one tenured faculty member as the SLIS faculty representative to the College Advisory Committee.


The FAC of the School of Library and Information Science is composed of all tenured and tenure-track faculty members, plus those full-time non-tenure-track faculty members specifically approved by the FAC (See CBA Article VI, Section 3. A.). Full-time non-tenure track faculty members who are elected to the FAC shall not participate in personnel decisions regarding tenure-track faculty members, including but not limited to appointment, reappointment, tenure, promotion, merit, or sanctions.


Meetings are normally scheduled by the Director on a monthly basis but will be called by the Director at the request of a majority of the FAC voting members. Minutes shall be distributed to FAC members in a timely manner and consist of a summary of the issues discussed and decisions reached, if any. FAC meetings normally are open to all who are interested, but will be closed when personnel matters of a confidential nature are to be discussed. Others may be invited to general open sessions of FAC meetings, as necessary, including key staff members and student representatives.