Decision-making in the Faculty Meeting and in School Committees

In keeping with the principles of the field of Peace and Conflict Studies, the Faculty Meeting and all School committee meetings shall be conducted in an egalitarian manner to facilitate the participation of all faculty members.

The Director shall solicit agenda items for the Faculty Meeting and shall distribute the agenda for the meeting at least one full day in advance.

The principles and processes of consensus decision making shall govern the facilitation of School committee meetings. However, if after extensive discussions consensus can’t be achieved, a faculty member may call for a vote on the issue being discussed, and a vote must then be held. In such instances, a 60% or greater majority is needed for passage. There shall be no secret voting or proxy voting at the Faculty Meeting or committee meetings.

In routine, non-controversial matters that must be decided before a Faculty Meeting is scheduled, the Director may poll the faculty with electronic ballots, submitted directly to the Director or the Secretary. Faculty members will have two full business days to cast their votes. If any Faculty member objects to the holding of an electronic vote during that period, a regular Faculty Meeting must be called instead.