The Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC)

The Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) consists of all full-time TT faculty members of the School.  During its first meeting of the academic year, FEC shall elect one of its members to serve as Chair. The School Director is an ex officio member of the committee. 

FEC processes and criteria for assessing TT faculty performance shall be used annually solely for the purposes of recommending merit and determining workload. The Faculty Evaluation Committee will annually award points to each faculty member for items submitted on their respective FEC forms. Based on the items listed and submitted on the FEC form, FEC will make a preliminary determination of the points to be awarded to each faculty member. This shall be completed no later than two months after the FEC forms are due. All faculty members will be informed about these point allocations and will have the opportunity to appeal the FEC point allocations either in writing or in person to FEC. Also see the relevant section below regarding FEC’s role in recommending merit awards to TT faculty. 

The FEC responsibilities include: annually recommending to the Director the ranking of TT faculty for merit increments based on university policy and the criteria approved at the Faculty Meeting; recommending to the Faculty Meeting the policies and guidelines which, upon approval, become the basis of awarding merit in the following merit cycle.

The FEC “Faculty Submission Form” and associated criteria for scoring faculty productivity is at the end of this handbook. Changes to the FEC criteria and the Faculty Submission Form are considered changes to the Faculty Handbook and therefore must follow the procedures for changing the Faculty Handbook.