Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) Criteria and Forms

Assessment Criteria for Merit Awards 
and Post-tenure Application Teaching Load Determinations 
School of Peace and Conflict Studies

Merit Awards for [Semester] 
(Due: [Due Date])

Faculty Member Name: _________________________________________ 



- This Box for FEC Use Only –

Points Granted by FEC


                                                           Initially                On Appeal               Total


Research Scholarship                      ____________       ____________       ____________



Teaching                                               ____________       ____________      ____________



Service and Practice                              ____________       ____________       ____________


  1. General Information

    • Each TT faculty member in the School of Peace and Conflict Studies will complete this form at least annually, as requested by the Director or FAC. 
    • Completed forms and supporting documentation materials should be received no later than [due date]. Forms and material received after that date will be considered only if received prior to the FEC meeting to evaluate this material.  
    • Appeals may be made only over matters submitted on the original form; new items may not be added on appeal.
    • In order to be considered for merit, the faculty member must submit this form with Research, Teaching, and Service sections completed and provide documentation for items. 
    • FEC will score each faculty member’s contributions every year and FAC will subsequently apply the relevant scores for the relevant merit period in determining merit recommendations to the Director. 
    • FEC will endeavor to take into account the past practices of previous FECs. 

    Check the categories you are applying for merit in:

    Teaching        ______

    Service          ______             ­­­­­­

    Research      ______


    Form for evaluating Research, Teaching and Service and Practice can be found here.

  2. Grants Formula

    All grant proposals must be submitted.  

    Number of Grants

    Awarded in Evaluation Period



    1st Grant

    5 points

    2nd Grant

    3 points

    3rd Grant

    2 points

    4th Grant and beyond

    1 point


    In respect to magnitude of external grants awarded, add the following to the point subtotal for the specific grant:

    • 2/10th of a point (.20) for each $1,000 for the first $50,000 received. For example, a 25k grant receives 10 points (5+5=10) and a 50k grant receives a total of 15 points (5+10=15). 
    • 1/10th of a point (.10) for each $1,000 received for second 50k up to 100k. For example, a 100k grant receives 20 points (5+10+5=20). 
    • 1/20th of a point (.05) for each 1,000 between the 100,000 – 200,000 levels. For example, a 200k grant receives 20 points (5+10+5+5=20).
    • 1/50th of a point (.02) for each 1,000 between the 200,000 - 400,000 levels. For example, a 400k grant receives 24 points 5+10+5+5+4=24).
    • Total points capped at 24, no matter how large the grant is above 400,000. 
    • In the case of co-PIs and co-grantees on a grant, the relevant figure for determining grant magnitude is the amount of the grant accruing to the SPCS faculty member.