General Information

  • Each TT faculty member in the School of Peace and Conflict Studies will complete this form at least annually, as requested by the Director or FAC. 
  • Completed forms and supporting documentation materials should be received no later than [due date]. Forms and material received after that date will be considered only if received prior to the FEC meeting to evaluate this material.  
  • Appeals may be made only over matters submitted on the original form; new items may not be added on appeal.
  • In order to be considered for merit, the faculty member must submit this form with Research, Teaching, and Service sections completed and provide documentation for items. 
  • FEC will score each faculty member’s contributions every year and FAC will subsequently apply the relevant scores for the relevant merit period in determining merit recommendations to the Director. 
  • FEC will endeavor to take into account the past practices of previous FECs. 

Check the categories you are applying for merit in:

Teaching        ______

Service          ______             ­­­­­­

Research      ______


Form for evaluating Research, Teaching and Service and Practice can be found here.