Grants Formula

All grant proposals must be submitted.  

Number of Grants

Awarded in Evaluation Period



1st Grant

5 points

2nd Grant

3 points

3rd Grant

2 points

4th Grant and beyond

1 point


In respect to magnitude of external grants awarded, add the following to the point subtotal for the specific grant:

  • 2/10th of a point (.20) for each $1,000 for the first $50,000 received. For example, a 25k grant receives 10 points (5+5=10) and a 50k grant receives a total of 15 points (5+10=15). 
  • 1/10th of a point (.10) for each $1,000 received for second 50k up to 100k. For example, a 100k grant receives 20 points (5+10+5=20). 
  • 1/20th of a point (.05) for each 1,000 between the 100,000 – 200,000 levels. For example, a 200k grant receives 20 points (5+10+5+5=20).
  • 1/50th of a point (.02) for each 1,000 between the 200,000 - 400,000 levels. For example, a 400k grant receives 24 points 5+10+5+5+4=24).
  • Total points capped at 24, no matter how large the grant is above 400,000. 
  • In the case of co-PIs and co-grantees on a grant, the relevant figure for determining grant magnitude is the amount of the grant accruing to the SPCS faculty member.