Promotion of NTT Faculty

The promotion of FTNTT Faculty members is recognition of sustained contribution and distinguished service to the University. The criteria and procedure for promotion of FTNTT faculty is governed by the current NTT CBA

Under Article X, Section 11 of the NTT CBA:

FTNTT Faculty members who have completed five (5) consecutive years of employment as a FTNTT Faculty member and one (1) successful Full Performance Review may apply for promotion to the rank of Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor, as applicable, concurrent with their second Full Performance Review, or any year thereafter. Normally, FTNTT Faculty members at the rank of Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor may apply for promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer/Professor, as applicable, in any year after five full years in rank as an Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor. 

Guidelines for the submission of materials for promotion review and for the timely conduct of the promotion review process will be issued annually by the Office of Faculty Affairs. (See also, Addendum C, Guidelines and Procedures for Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty Promotion.)