Renewal of Appointment and Third-Year Full Performance Reviews of Full-Time Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Faculty

  1. Annual Renewal of NTT Appointment

    Appointments for full-time non-tenure track (NTT) faculty are governed by the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement and are made annually. Renewal of appointment is contingent upon programmatic need, satisfactory performance of previously assigned responsibilities, and budgeted resources to support the position. Ordinarily, annual peer reviews of teaching will be conducted for NTT faculty in the first three years of appointment. See relevant section above regarding peer reviews of teaching.

  2. Third-Year and Subsequent NTT Full Performance Review

    The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the non-tenure track faculty (NTT), provides for a Full Performance Review of full-time NTT faculty who are in their third year and the sixth year of consecutive employment. The period of performance to be reviewed is the three (3) full academic years of consecutive appointments including that portion of the third appointment which is subject to evaluation and assessment at the time of the review. In keeping with the Full designation, this review requires that each faculty member submit a file, the contents of which are described in Addendum B to the CBA. The CBA also provides for a “simplified” Performance Review for faculty who are in their ninth year of consecutive employment or in the third year of a three-year term of annual appointment beyond the ninth year. This “simplified” Performance Review requires submission of the documents described in the relevant section of the CBA. In keeping with the NTT CBA, after eighteen (18) years of consecutive appointments, and every three (3) years thereafter, FT NTT Faculty members will be reviewed by the School Director.

  3. Promotion of NTT Faculty

    The promotion of FTNTT Faculty members is recognition of sustained contribution and distinguished service to the University. The criteria and procedure for promotion of FTNTT faculty is governed by the current NTT CBA

    Under Article X, Section 11 of the NTT CBA:

    FTNTT Faculty members who have completed five (5) consecutive years of employment as a FTNTT Faculty member and one (1) successful Full Performance Review may apply for promotion to the rank of Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor, as applicable, concurrent with their second Full Performance Review, or any year thereafter. Normally, FTNTT Faculty members at the rank of Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor may apply for promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer/Professor, as applicable, in any year after five full years in rank as an Associate Lecturer/Associate Professor. 

    Guidelines for the submission of materials for promotion review and for the timely conduct of the promotion review process will be issued annually by the Office of Faculty Affairs. (See also, Addendum C, Guidelines and Procedures for Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty Promotion.)

  4. Peer Evaluations of Teaching

    Ordinarily, the classroom teaching of non-tenured TT faculty will be reviewed through observation of a class session at least once per academic year by tenured TT faculty. 

    Ordinarily, the classroom teaching of NTT faculty members who are in their first three years of service will be reviewed through observation of a class session at least once per academic year by either tenured TT faculty or by NTT faculty members who have completed at least three (3) consecutive years of employment and one (1) Full Performance Review.

    These peer reviews shall be conducted in a collegial, constructive manner, including a post-classroom observation meeting between reviewer and instructor to share and discuss mutual perceptions of the session and the course, and a written report including issues related to classroom pedagogies and dynamics, course design and syllabus, and student evaluations.

  5. Unsatisfactory Performance

    Under the TT CBA, a sanction is a documented corrective action in response to a faculty member's unsatisfactory performance of his/her duties and responsibilities as a member of the faculty. (See relevant section of the CBA).

    Unsatisfactory performance for NTT faculty is addressed pursuant to the criteria outlined in the NTT CBA regarding Appointments (see relevant section of the NTT CBA).