Research, Teaching, Service and Practice Roles and Responsibilities of the Faculty

Each faculty member is expected to contribute to the School, College and the University according to the terms and condition of his/her letter of appointment. Not all faculty members contribute to the School in the same manner. All tenure-track faculty members are expected to be involved in significant research activity, serve on graduate student committees, and direct graduate student research. TT faculty must present evidence of their endeavors as witnessed by peer-reviewed publications, proposals submitted for extramural funding, and dissemination of research in various peer-reviewed venues as appropriate to their areas of specialization, and to the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. Activity in Peace and Conflict Studies professional organizations is expected of TT faculty members. For all full-time faculty members, public service, community outreach and applied practice as it relates to the mission of the School is also expected. 

Service to the University is a responsibility of each faculty member. School, College, and University committee or task force membership is expected as a normal part of a faculty member’s contributions, less so for non-tenured faculty than for tenured faculty.  Service expectations may vary according to one’s position and other work expectations, as specified in letters of appointment or workload statements.