Revision of the Handbook

This Handbook was approved by the Faculty Meeting on XXXX 2017, and it is reviewed at least once every four years. The Director and a committee of faculty members shall conduct the review and present recommendations to the FAC for approval. In addition, during regular Faculty Meetings, a faculty member may propose changes to any provision of the Handbook, provided the proposal was provided to the faculty in writing no less than 48 hours prior to the start of said meeting. Following discussion, consensus shall be sought for any Handbook changes. Absent consensus, a faculty member may call for a vote on the proposal. A 60% or greater majority of those voting is necessary to amend or alter the Handbook.

Before any addition or alteration to the Handbook is officially incorporated into the Handbook, the addition or alteration must be approved by the Dean of the College. In reviewing this Handbook the Dean may request revisions before lending final approval. If these revisions are not adopted by the School, the Dean shall consult the CAC with regard to the provision(s) in dispute before making a final determination and certifying final approval of the Handbook. Further, the Dean may direct that the Handbook be modified, amended or revised to reflect changes in College or University policy. See Article VI, Section 7 of the TT CBA for details regarding the handbook review and modification process.