Tenure and Promotion of TT Faculty

The policies and procedures for tenure are included in the University policy and procedures regarding faculty tenure (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-14) and the policies and procedures for promotion are included in the University policy and procedures regarding faculty promotion (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-15).  Each academic year, tenure and promotion guidelines are distributed by the Office of the Provost.

A candidate for tenure will normally be reviewed during the sixth year of service, although years of credit toward tenure may be granted at the time of the initial appointment and specifically stated in the letter of appointment. A faculty member may apply for early tenure consideration, but the faculty member must be able to meet the criteria for promotion to the next rank. Tenure and promotion are related yet separate decisions; nonetheless, the School generally expects to recommend tenure and promotion in the same year. 

Materials reviewed for tenure for persons hired at the TT assistant professor rank shall consist primarily of those items generated since the initial hiring. Tenure considerations may include some minimal consideration of relevant scholarly activities prior to arrival at Kent State University in order to establish research trajectory, but the overwhelming emphasis must be on work accomplished while on the tenure track at Kent State. The vitae submitted in applying for the position shall be used as the baseline; materials already published or listed as forthcoming will be given significantly less weight than those produced after the submitted vitae. Exceptions will be made when incoming faculty are explicitly given credit toward tenure for prior experience.

Tenure is the formal granting of continuous appointment as a faculty member in the School of Peace and Conflict Studies. Notably, the granting of tenure includes a demonstrated record of achievement suggesting that the candidate can be expected to continue and sustain such a program over the long-term. 

Promotion to TT Associate Professor, on the other hand, is based solely on a candidate’s accomplishments completed while at Kent State, i.e., during the review period. Candidates for promotion to TT Associate Professor must meet all the qualifications for tenure but they must also show—as evidenced by the body of work presented in the promotion file—the potential for a career likely to impact their area of specialization and the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. 

Greater standards exist regarding promotion to TT Full Professor than to TT Associate Professor, as detailed below. Promotion to Professor is the highest level of university achievement.